The most accurate and functional replicas of the Antikythera Mechanism ever made!

What was the Antikythera Mechanism ?

The first geared mechanism

The Antikythera Mechanism was a marvelous ancient mechanism with more than 37 gears, 17 axis, and 8 pointers. It was considered to be the first mechanism with gears in human history.

An astronomical computer

Undoubtedly it was the first analog computer in history, the Antikythera Mechanism could calculate at least 8 different outputs with only one input.

Celestial objects' observer

The Antikythera Mechanism could calculate the position of the Sun and the Moon on the sky as well as the phase of the Moon, with extraordinary precision. It simulated the elliptical movement of the Moon around the Earth with an amazing mechanical gadget, permuting Kepler's 1st and 2nd law 1700 years ago!

Olympic games predictor

One of the pointers could predict the most important panhellenic games, e.g. Olympic games. These games took place every 2 or 4 years but not at the same date every year. The exact date was determined by the phase of the Moon, so it was very important to know Moon's movement in order to predict the starting date of the games. Of course, for the Antikythera Mechanism, that was just another output!

Eclipses predictor

One of the most outstanding features of the Antikythera Mechanism was the ability to predict Sun's and Moon's eclipses with an accuracy of one hour! The lower back dial, Saros dial, could predict any eclipse that would take place in the future or has already taken place. The astonishing accuracy of one hour, implies the profound astronomical knowlege that Greeks had.

A complex device with "user's manual"

Nowadays, it is almost unthinkable to buy a machine without a "user's manual". The same stands for the Antikythera Mechanism, which has an extensive "manual" about the way someone will operate it. This "manual" was on the doors and on the dials' plate of the Mechanism and explained the indications of the pointers and many other astronomical related issues!

The history of the Antikythera Mechanism

About us

Who we are

3D Solidforms was found in 2013 and its main activity is the design and construction of objects with the use of modern technologies, such as 3D printing and 3D scanning. Its founders Efstathiou Marianna and Basiakoulis Alexandros are graduates of the Mechanical Engineering faculty of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki with specialization in the Antikythera Mechanism and the use of modern investigation techniques and construction of its copies. Both of them have been members of the Antikythera Mechanism Aristotle University research team since 2009 and have numerous publications in scientific journals concerning the Mechanism, while they have participated in international conferences as speakers. Up until now, they have constructed 9 copies in 1:1 scale in 4 different versions (according to the research progress), one copy in scale 4:1 and three in 3:1.

Antikythera Mechanism Replicas in scale
Antikythera Mechanism National Archaeological Museum Athens
Basiakoulis Alexandros Antikythera Mechanism Gear b1 in scale 4:1
3D printed Antikythera Mechanism
3D printed Antikythera Mechanism
Antikythera Mechanism National Observatory Athens
Basiakoulis, Efstathiou, Tsavliris, Antikythera Mechanism replicas
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Under the aegis of the Aristotle's University of Thessaloniki and University of Macedonia

3D Solidforms, in cooperation with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Antikythera Mechanism research team has constructed accurate and functional copies of the Mechanism, which are 100% based on the research team’s findings and only to those which have been accepted by the international scientific community through publications in reliable scientific journals. These copies include all the latest revelations, while simultaneously do not include anything that has not been scientifically proven. For that reason, the international scientific community recognizes these models as the most accurate and reliable that have been constructed up until now.

The research team of Thessaloniki

The basic research team of the Antikythera Mechanism of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the University of Macedonia is composed by the following researchers :
- ✝ John Hugh Seiradakis : Emeritus Professor, Department of Physics, Aristotle University
- Efstatiou Kyriakos : Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Aristotle University
- Roumeliotis Manos : Professor, Department of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia
- Anastasiou Magdalini : Doctor, Department of Physics, Aristotle University
- Tourtas Alexandros : Doctor, Department of History and Archaeology, Scientific Diver
- Efstathiou Marianna : Doctor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
- Anastasovitis Leyteris : PhD candidate, Department of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia
- Basiakoulis Alexandros : PhD candidate, Department of Mechanical Engineering

List of Museums and organizations with our replicas

  • National archaelogical museum of Athens
  • National observatory of Athens
  • Science Center and Technology Museum “NOESIS”
  • Aristotles University, Thessaloniki
  • Municipality of Kythera island
  • Musée des arts et métiers, Paris
  • Herakleidon Museum
  • The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
    National Observatory Athens
    Herakleidon Museum
    Antikythera Mechanism Municipality of Kythira
    Antikythera Mechanism NOESIS Thessaloniki science center and technology museum
    Antikythera Mechanism Musee des Arts et Metiers
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    Our research team

    Aristotle University team of Antikythera Mechanism research project
  • Our company has designed a variety of products, depending on the owners' different needs. All the products constitute exhibits of a well-designed and holistic approach in presenting the Mechanism both scientifically and educationally.

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